Smart cities - Technology and innovation in favor of public management.

The adoption of smart technologies in cities means more quality of life for its population and better management for its government. "If we only talk about more efficient and intelligent street lighting, for example, we are talking about a relevant cost reduction for cities if they adopt efficient technology," said the president of ABDI, Igor Calvet, during a meeting of the council of micro and small companies of the Federation of Industries of the State of Maranhão (FIEMA).

According to Igor Calvet, the digital transformation process that is happening in cities all over the world also occurs in Brazil and it is an overflow of Industry 4.0. "Data from the World Economic Forum tell us that in the next ten years this process of industry transformation will generate around 10 trillion dollars a year in the next decade. There are tremendous impacts in the adoption of these technologies," he said.

Data from ABDI reveal that the impact of 4.0 technologies in the industry can reach 73 billion reals per year in cost reduction. "We are talking about opportunity for the private sector and for the cities that every day become more and more accessible," revealed Igor. FIEMA's board met to discuss Technology and innovation directed to the industry and society with the theme of digital transformation and smart cities. Besides the president of ABDI, the meeting was attended by the national secretary of urban mobility, from the Ministry of Regional Development, Tiago Pontes Queiroz, and the superintendent of Sudene, Evaldo da Cruz neto.

"Smart cities are a concept of extreme importance for the modern world and especially for the development of our state. They are new trends that are here to stay, demonstrating that the digital transformation of companies and the population is extremely necessary and urgent," said the chairman of FIEMA, Edilson Baldez das Neves.