Police use camera images to recognize offenders by cross-referencing information with the Public Safety Secretariat's system database

Deise Fernanda Melo Pereira Alves was killed about nine years ago by members of a criminal gang who intended to kill her husband

The man responsible for the murder of the prison guard Deise Fernanda Melo Pereira Alves, in 2012, was arrested this Wednesday afternoon (5), in São José, a municipality in Florianópolis.

According to information from the police, there was already an open warrant for his arrest. On Wednesday, around 4 pm, the man was identified inside a Citroen/C4 while driving through the Historical Center of São José.

According to the police, the identification was possible thanks to an identification system that compares the images captured by security cameras installed at strategic points in the city with the database of the Public Security Secretariat system and the accesses to other data sources of the national security system.

The arrest warrant against the man was served by agents of the Integrated Intelligence of São José, composed of the Municipal Guard, Civil and Military Police.

The man, who is held responsible for the death of prison agent Deise Alves, was sentenced to 14 years in prison under a closed regime.

Remember the case

Deise Fernanda Melo Pereira Alves was murdered while arriving at her home in the Roçado neighborhood of São José, in Florianópolis, on October 26, 2012. At the time, she was shot three times on her back.

Investigations led to the conclusion that she was killed by mistake in place of her husband, then director of the São Pedro de Alcântara Maximum Security Penitentiary, Carlos Antônio Alves.

The bandits' order, intercepted by the police, was to "exterminate Carlos Alves", Deise's husband and owner of the car. But, that night, Deise was driving the car.

As he parked in the garage the first shot was fired from the 9mm. The bullet pierced the rear windshield, traveled through the vehicle, passed over the victim's left shoulder and was stopped by the wall.

Source: https://ndmais.com.br/seguranca/policia/responsavel-pelo-assassinato-de-agente-prisional-em-2012-e-preso-em-sao-jose/