What to Expect from the 4th International Security Symposium

The National Association of Federal Police Delegates - ADPF will hold, on August 30th and 31st, 2021, the 4th International Security Symposium, in Brasilia. Considering the unfortunate situation brought by the pandemic to the country, but being optimistic about the number of vaccines applied locally, the event will occur online and on-site. The online version will be until 09/02, thus allowing participants, especially from other states, to enjoy all the event programs. And until September 30th, all the digital content will be available, providing even more interaction to the attendees. 


The 4th edition of the International Security Symposium will bring together many specialists in public security and intelligence, businessmen in the sector, representatives of police institutions and civil society organizations, considering debates and information spreading as its targets. The event will be totally focused on presenting and demonstrating the most modern technological security solutions available.    


Brazil faced many challenges last year and because of that, setting up the symposium was no easy task. For the first time, the event was held 100% online, reaching three thousand participants, providing important knowledge to specialists and others involved in public security from all units of the federation and several countries in the world. 


This year, we hope that this number will be much higher since the event will be held online and on-site, but at the same time coping with the pandemic. So, for those who cannot participate in person, it is possible to attend the event remotely and even afterward.    


It is important to point out, however, that those who decide to attend the event online can rest assured that they will have the same experience as those who choose to attend in person. Our team is 100% focused on organizing a unique and spectacular event, which is why even the exhibition stands will be available for online browsing 


We are also proud to say that, in January this year, the International Security Symposium became an official event of the Government of the Federal District of Brazil - GDF, through Law No. 6.782, with substantial support from the congressman Cláudio Abrantes (PDT/DF). This appreciation only strengthens the importance of this event for the formulation of public policies to combat crime. 


In the 4th edition of the International Security Symposium, themes on Public Security, Border Defense, Cyber Crimes, Smart Cities, Prison System, Remote Sensing, and Innovative Technologies will be discussed. All these topics are considered essential to the strategic formulation of public policies that effectively add to the strengthening of the State.   


Do not leave your registration until the last minute, spaces are limited.   


2020s Edition  


Intending to discuss the use of technology to innovate and improve the fight against crime, the National Association of Federal Police Delegates (ADPF) held the 3rd International Symposium on Security in October 2020, for the first time in a 100% online format 


Under the theme "Innovative Technologies in Crime Prevention and Control", the event brought together more than 3,000 people from Brazil and around the world. Among them were public security experts, businessmen in the sector, and representatives of police institutions and similar entities, such as the director of the Foundation for Research Support of the Federal District (FAPDF), Marco Antônio Costa Júnior, who spoke on the panel - InTeSeg Challenge (Innovation, Technology and Security). This challenge aimed to support initiatives from startups in the Federal District focused on technological development in the fight against crime 


The Symposium also had institutional support from the Federal Police, the Public Security Secretariat of the Federal District (SSP/DF), the National Public Security Secretariat (Senasp/MJSP), the Tourism Secretariat of the Federal District (Setur/DF) and several other security sector entities, such as the National College of State Public Security Secretaries (CONESP) and the Brazilian Defense and Security Industries Association (ABIMDE) 


The following brands were also sponsoring: Huawei, Cellebrite, FAP DF, Motorola Solutions, TechbizFebrabanGeosatis, Hex, NSO, Spectra, BerkanaDigitro, Poly Defensor, Rohde & Shwarz, Sita, Stefanini Rafael and Winner, as well as the UK Embassy 


The event's program was all designed to offer deep discussions related to Public Security, highlighting successful experiences in the use of technology in crime prevention and control, in Brazil and other countries 


Accordingly, the opening lecture of the Symposium, on October 19th, 2020, had as its theme "The Modernization of Investigation in the Federal Police", and counted with the participation of the general director of the Federal Police, Rolando Alexandre de Souza; its inspector general, João Vianey Xavier Filho; the president of ADPF, Evandir Felix de Paiva; and the vice-president of ADPF, Luciano Soares Leiro. During the rest of the event, topics such as Public Security, Border Defense, International Cooperation, Financial Crimes, Cyber Crimes, Remote Sensing, Prison System, and Smart Cities were also addressed.  


The event's program also included a virtual exhibit focused on technology exhibition about crime prevention and control from national and international companies.